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Car Camping at Palmetto State Park

Kathleen Walls

Car camping is becoming more popular. Many years ago I camped in everything from a station wagon to a stretched tarp between trees to motor homes and every kind of camping in-between. After getting hooked on RVing and Glamping, I thought "no more primitive stuff like car camping for me." I was wrong. On a trip last year, I had a long drive of about thirteen hours between places that were graciously hosting me. Being cheap, I decided to go back to the old ways and do a night of car camping. Read more.


Elatse'Yi: Camping Without the Headaches

Kathleen Walls

In the not too distant past, if you wanted to get close to nature you needed to pack your camping supplies or hitch up your RV. I just did a magnificent close to nature trip with neither of those things. How? I went glamping in Ellijay in the North Georgia Mountains. Read more.


The Lone Writer Rides the Range

Kathleen Walls

"Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when the Lone Ranger rides again"--no make that the Lone Writer. Here at French Broad Outpost Dude Ranch in Eastern Tennessee, I’m getting as close to the old western days as you can get. I followed a gravel road that is not on most maps to the ranch.  Read  more.



One Day in Columbus, Georgia

Kathleen Walls

If you just have a one-nighter in Columbus Georgia, here is the perfect way to enjoy your day; go whitewater rafting on the river, eat at SaltCellar, and stay at the Columbus Marriott.Read more.

OWA: Big Water

Kathleen Walls

I love to visit new places and watch them grow over the years. OWA in Foley, Alabama is just such a place. The name means big water in the Muscogee Creek language; appropriate since the destination was created and owned by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. It's an amusement park; it's a shopping and dining location; it's an entertainment center. It's like a mini Branson. Read more 


Our GoRVing Trip

By Kathleen Walls

Our GoRVing trip around Florida went full bore. Not always smoothly because we had some strange technical bumps in the road. Since we nicknamed out Minnie Winnie “Ma Barker,” we can blame our problems on the ghost of Fred Barker who must have become attached to Ma Barker. She was his mother after all. Well, maybe! Or maybe strange vibes affected the electronics on the road. I'll give you a quick rundown of our trip but there will be many more stories coming down the line about all the fascinating places. Read more

Spring into Saint Augustine

Kathleen Walls

There’s a reason why USA Today counted St. Augustine among the top 10 travel destination in America last year and it was one of only three Florida cities included in TripAdvisor’s Top U.S. 25 Destinations in 2015. If you haven’t visited in a decade and remember a sleepy little town, you won’t recognize this new Oldest City. Read more

What You Need to Know about RVing

Kathleen Walls

There has been a lot of interest in RVing. People who have never done any RVing are saying "That sounds like fun." It is but there are some things that make it different from traveling in a car that you need to know. So here's a little more about our GoRVing Minnie Winnie and what it takes for a successful RV trip. Read more


Mother Earth's Powerhouse: Niagara Falls

by Kathleen Walls           9-1-2018

 There is nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature's most powerful places. Niagara Falls is one of those special places. I just returned from a visit there and was literally blown away. At the top of Cave of the Winds as I stood on Hurricane Deck I felt as if I was experiencing the most powerful storm ever.Read more


Road Tripping Georgia's I-75 Corridor

A road trip down Georgia’s I-75 from Tennessee to Florida offers lots of fun stops along the way. Navigating I-75 through Georgia can be a nightmare. Or it can be fun. The difference is in finding good food and interesting attractions with convenient stops en-route. Photos from the Roadside

Joshua National Park: Night and Day

by Jim DeLillo

he prickly trees reach toward the sky like praying hands into the heavens. The Mormons saw these trees, and it reminded them of Joshua. The branches of the trees point their way westward like Joshua in an appeal for a safe journey to the promised land. Yucca brevifolia has a small range limited to the boundaries of the Mojave Desert. The magnificent examples of hardiness can live for hundreds of years; some manage the extremes of the arid landscape for a thousand years.Read more


North Carolina's Newest Treasure: Carvers Creek State Park  

By Kathleen Walls 

It's always exciting to watch a new state park develop. North Carolina's newest is Carvers Creek State Park. It was authorized in 2005 and opened the first stage in September 2013. Park Superintend Jane Connolly, told us about the park's background. In the mid 1700s Scottish immigrants began moving into the area. Read more

Cheraw State Park   

By Kathleen Walls 
Sometimes a state park is just a place to park your camper. At Cheraw State Park, it's a whole family adventure. Golfers will be ecstatic about the 18 hole championship course set in pine forest adjourning Lake Juniper. They will appreciate its practice green, driving range and pro shop. Read more

Watery Wonders at North Carolina Aquarium

By Kathleen Walls

The North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island is a shimmering jewel in the Outer Banks. From the moment you step through the doors and are greeted with a unique preview of the resident sea life you are a captive audience. The room- sized overhead augmented reality video combines two images, the people stepping into the video on the floor painted to look like water and different sea creatures that appear to be all around your feet.
Travel Wet Roads

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