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 Cover of Tenant from Hell
The Tenant from Hell
Book 1 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Casey Clark, property manager, is just trying to evict a bad tenant. Instead she is over her head in murder and mayhem

 Cover of Double Duplicity
Double Duplicity
Book 2 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Trouble  follows Casey like a raging fire.

cover of Missing
Missing-- Gone but not Forgotten

Based on the unsolved abduction of a little girl in a rural  Florida Community.

coverof Under a Bloody Flag

Under a Bloody Flag

Kansas and Missouri were a "no man's land" in the days before the War between the States.

cover of under a black flag

Under a Black Flag
Kansas and Missouri heated to the boiling point during the War between the States. 

cover of For want of a ship
For Want of a Ship
John Roy came to New Orleans looking  for peace instead he found war.

cover of last step
Last Step
Last Step will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you gasping in surprise at the ending

cover of kudzu
Kudzu shows you a different part of the South, past and present. Mystery with a touch of romance and a smidgen of paranormal.

cover of Wild about florida south
Wild about Florida: South FL
The Everglades swarm with wildlife from birds,  to mammals, to reptiles.

cover of Wild about florida central
Wild about Florida: Central FL
Central Florida has the ocean and gulf beaches much like other parts of Florida but in many other ways it is distinct and unique. 

cover of Wild about florida north
Wild About Florida: North FL
Come explore caves, hills, whitewater falls and lots of other fun things you didn't expect to find in Florida.

cover of georgia's ghostly getaways
Georgia's Ghostly Getaways 

Who is not fascinated by mysterious things that go bump in the night? Are there some places where departed souls still linger?

cover of hosts
Hosts With Ghosts
The South has long been famous for its Southern Hospitality. Hotels throughout Dixie vie with one another to offer their guests more service and more amenities. Many have guests that never depart.

cover of finding florida's phantoms
Finding Florida's Phantoms
Florida! The land of sunshine and wide-open beaches. But even the Sunshine State has its dark secrets. Places where centuries old spirits remain tied to earth. Beneath the facade of fun and make believe lurks the real Florida.

cover of color st augustine coloring book
Color Saint Augustine
This is a way to virtually visit Saint Augustine. It's a coloring book for grown ups (but kids will love it too.)  with an actual photo of the attractions in Saint Augustine. The opposite page is the same photo converted into a black and white line image for you to to color. It's 64 pages with 30 photos and 30 pages for you to color. On each photo and each color page there is a little about the story of the image . 

Ride with the Pony Express

Story and photos by Kathleen Walls

“Help wanted. Young, skinny, wiry fellows, not over eighteen. Must be expert riders, willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 per week.” Would you answer this ad? During the 18 months the Pony Express was in operation, over 230 young men applied and were accepted. Some died in performance of their duties. Others went on to different careers after the Pony Express ended.

The Pony Express Museum in St. Joseph tells that story. It is located at the site of the Pony Express stables and has one of the original walls. Our docent, Annie, led us through the Pony Express Museum. One of the first exhibits is a wheelwright’s shop, the equivalent to a present-day tire shop. Adjacent to the wheelwright is another business equally important at that time, the blacksmith’s shop and forge. The forge was built by Anliff Hyde. There’s a picture of his Hyde’s son, Calvin, taken in 1960 when he was 92 inside the forge just before they dismantled it.


Annie shows Johnny Fry exhibit at Pony Express Museum

One exhibit shows the first Pony Express rider, Johnny Fry, as he prepares to leave this same stable in St. Joe with the first batch of mail. Spectators cheered him on. The exhibit is so realistic and Annie, in her western costume, fit in like part of it.

founders of pony express

There is an exhibit portraying William H. Russell, Alexander Majors, and William B. Waddell, the founders of the Pony Express.

Annie shows covered wagon

Another shows a realistic covered wagon drawn by oxen. Annie pointed out a common misconception. If you were a westbound settler, you would walk alongside, not ride inside the covered wagon. The wagon carried necessities like food and precious items from your former home you hoped to take to your new home. Settlers ended up discarded many items along the way as it became a choice of lightening the wagon’s load or losing all. You choose between your piano or your food. There are some of the items found along the route that had been tossed out to lighten the wagon load.

In front of the stagecoach exhibit, there is a real well where we were able to pump water. Annie explained it took a lot to water the oxen.

sample horses with mochillas

There’s an exhibit where you can mount a wooden pony equipped with mochilas you can toss over a different pony.

relay station at pony express

Since a horse can only run top speed about 10 to 15 miles, there were relay stations about that distance apart on the routes. There would be a stationmaster and a horse tender who would have a fresh horse ready for the rider who would take his mochila, toss it on the new horse and continue his run.

inside relay station

 We could enter a recreated rest stop cabin where the riders would stay overnight. It was furnished with a simple bunk bed and basics.

An exhibit telling the futures of many of the riders is interesting. Johnny Fry, the first westbound Pony Express rider, enlisted as a soldier in the United States Cavalry and was killed by Quantrill’s Raiders during the Civil War.

Another rider, Billy Fisher, who claims his life was saved when he almost fell asleep under a tree during a blizzard and a rabbit jumped on him and awakened him saving him from freezing to death in his sleep. His great-great-grandson, William Fisher, became an astronaut and flew in the space shuttle. He took Billy’s belt buckle,now part of this exhibit, into space with him.

William Cody, another rider, has a place here. He became famous in later years under his better-known stage name, Buffalo Bill. When he learned that Alexander Majors, the founder who had originally hired him went bankrupt in later years, Cody took care of him for the rest of his live.

The art in the museum is fantastic.There are paintings and bronzes. I particularly loved one bronze piece that looked like a Remington, but was another artist. It was of a wagon coming down a steep incline pulled by  and horse. There are an ox  and a rider alongside.