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 Cover of Tenant from Hell
The Tenant from Hell
Book 1 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Casey Clark, property manager, is just trying to evict a bad tenant. Instead she is over her head in murder and mayhem

 Cover of Double Duplicity
Double Duplicity
Book 2 in the Realtor Mystery Series
Trouble  follows Casey like a raging fire.

cover of Missing
Missing-- Gone but not Forgotten

Based on the unsolved abduction of a little girl in a rural  Florida Community.

coverof Under a Bloody Flag

Under a Bloody Flag

Kansas and Missouri were a "no man's land" in the days before the War between the States.

cover of under a black flag

Under a Black Flag
Kansas and Missouri heated to the boiling point during the War between the States. 

cover of For want of a ship
For Want of a Ship
John Roy came to New Orleans looking  for peace instead he found war.

cover of last step
Last Step
Last Step will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you gasping in surprise at the ending

cover of kudzu
Kudzu shows you a different part of the South, past and present. Mystery with a touch of romance and a smidgen of paranormal.

cover of Wild about florida south
Wild about Florida: South FL
The Everglades swarm with wildlife from birds,  to mammals, to reptiles.

cover of Wild about florida central
Wild about Florida: Central FL
Central Florida has the ocean and gulf beaches much like other parts of Florida but in many other ways it is distinct and unique. 

cover of Wild about florida north
Wild About Florida: North FL
Come explore caves, hills, whitewater falls and lots of other fun things you didn't expect to find in Florida.


cover of georgia's ghostly getaways
Georgia's Ghostly Getaways 

Who is not fascinated by mysterious things that go bump in the night? Are there some places where departed souls still linger?

cover of hosts
Hosts With Ghosts
The South has long been famous for its Southern Hospitality. Hotels throughout Dixie vie with one another to offer their guests more service and more amenities. Many have guests that never depart.

cover of finding florida's phantoms
Finding Florida's Phantoms
Florida! The land of sunshine and wide-open beaches. But even the Sunshine State has its dark secrets. Places where centuries old spirits remain tied to earth. Beneath the facade of fun and make believe lurks the real Florida.

cover of color st augustine coloring book
Color Saint Augustine
This is a way to virtually visit Saint Augustine. It's a coloring book for grown ups (but kids will love it too.)  with an actual photo of the attractions in Saint Augustine. The opposite page is the same photo converted into a black and white line image for you to to color. It's 64 pages with 30 photos and 30 pages for you to color. On each photo and each color page there is a little about the story of the image . 

Sign saying "in the beginning all america was Virginia" W illiam Byrd

Virginia Beach, The First Resort

 Renee S. Gordon

sign about natie american tribes in Virginia

Native Americans, namely the Chesepians, inhabited the South Hampton Roads region of Virginia for thousands of years prior to first contact with English colonists on April 26, 1607. Three British Ships sent by the Virginia Company, sailed for 4 months, landed on Cape Henry and erected a wooden cross on the spot where they came ashore. Captain Christopher Newport, the first English tourist, was first to go ashore to reconnoiter and found “freshwaters, faire meadowes," and “goodly tall trees”. A second party built a small boat and visited the areas’ land and waterways. On May 14, the ships relocated to Jamestown and established the first permanent English settlement.

First Landing State Park

sign for First Landing state park
sign about black loylests in reveloution
First Landing State Park commemorates the arrival of the first settlers, and in a way the first travelers who came to rest, rejuvenate and explore the Virginia Beach region. The African American Civilian Conservation Corps constructed the park from 1933-40, it is the most visited in Virginia and offers 20-miles of trails, 1.5-miles of Chesapeake Bay beach frontage and educational information. The park’s waterways have been roads for pirates, 1812 soldiers, Union and Confederate vessels and now recreational sailing.


beach with people on it
rudee tours boat

Virginia Beach is astounding in its number and diversity of activities. The action is year-round and includes, whale-watching boat tours, eclectic dining, historic sites, 28-miles of oceanfront, 3-miles of boardwalk and a 30-block activity zone. It is the last estuary before the ocean and the bird watching is awesome. There are numerous choices regarding how you spend your time in this, the largest resort city in the world. Some are the traditional options and others have something a little exclusive for visitors to enjoy.

adam throghgood house entrance and museum

It is no surprise that VA Beach is one of America’s most haunted cities because of its age and the number of deaths the city has witnessed. The Adam Thoroughgood House is one of the oldest remaining brick houses in the country. It is located on the shore of the Lynnhaven River. The exterior brick forms an English bond pattern with 12-inch thick walls and tours are given of the exterior, restored and furnished interior and garden.

adan throghtgood house

adam trhoughgood house
bedroom in throughgood house
Tours begin in the Visitor Center with a 7-minute orientation film. The original owner came over as an indentured servant. Once free he purchased land 5-miles from Cape Henry and brought over 105 other indentures, receiving 50-acres of land per person. His original estate was 5,000-acres and he later owned 27 enslaved Africans. The original owners haunt the house.

grace sherwood statue

Grace Sherwood was a farmer, healer, midwife, widow and the sole convicted “witch” tried by water in the state. By modern standards Grace was harassed by her neighbors as she was chronically denounced as a witch for killing livestock, altering the weather, destroying crops, wearing men’s clothing when she worked, etc. She often sued her defamers and won judgments but that did not deter them. In January 1706 She was again accused of witchcraft and in July 1706 she was walked to a point on the shore of the Lynnhaven River, now Witchduck Point, where she was bound and thrown into the river. In the ordeal if you sank you were innocent, dead, but innocent. If you floated you were guilty and punished. Grace floated and was then taken to jail for seven years. She became known to history as the “Witch of Pungo”. She is said to haunt the Ferry Plantation House where her trial took place and where she is supposedly buried beneath a tree.

sign telling about grace sherwood

Governor Tim Kaine exonerated her in 2006. A statue of her stands near the place of her ducking. She holds a basket of rosemary as a reminder of her role as a healer. A headstone has been placed in the garden of Old Dominion Episcopal Church.

Cavalier Hotel

cavalier hotel
pool at cavalier hotel
The jewel in the crown of VA Beach’s collection of accommodations is the Cavalier Hotel. It was constructed atop of what was once a sand dune in 1927 at the cost of $2-million. The Y-shaped, 600-room property offered every possible amenity as well as an in-house stockbroker. Every major band and entertainer played in the ballroom and ten US presidents have been guests. In 1942 The Dept. of the Navy conscripted the hotel for use during WWII. The government retained the chef and the soldiers boasted how good the food was.

artin lobby of Cavalier Hotel
food at cavalier hotel
The hotel fell into disrepair and received a $90-million renovation. Today it offers luxury accommodations, a stunning menu of amenities, the top four restaurants in the area, SeaHill, a 6200-sq. ft. world-class spa facility, the Tarnished Truth Distillery and a host of hauntings. The most famous spirit is that of Adolph Coors, the beer tycoon, found dead on the grounds beneath his window on June 6, 1929, believed to have been a suicide.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment

instructor at Association for Research and Enlightenment

pictures of Edgar Cayce and family members at Association for Research and Enlightenment

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is known as the “Father of Holistic Medicine”. He began doing health readings for people in 1901 and soon concluded that our health is intertwined with our mind, will and spirit. He completed 14,306 readings over 28-years, on a membership basis. These readings, prescriptions for a variety of health issues are archived and accessible at the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). The VA Beach compound includes a library of 90,000 metaphysical books, Cayce Visitor Center bookstore, Lecture Hall, Spa, Health Center and Meditation Garden. Daily tours are conducted at 2:30 PM. 


surfing shop
The East Coast Surfing Championships, one of the largest and second oldest events in the World Surf League, will take place over 8-days this August in five designated surfing areas. As home of the biggest East Coast surf event VA Beach will host 28 countries and more than 800 competitors with a top prize of $30,000. Additional activities include Surfers’ Healing, for handicapped surfers one week before the championship and a tent museum displaying curated artifacts throughout.

Learn to Surf Camp will be held for those wishing to learn or improve skills and learn ocean safety and surf etiquette. 

life guard stand at Virginia Beach vistors center
Visitors can experience the unique and unexpected in Virginia Beach, the first continually surprising resort city.