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    Musings: Authors do it Write!

    Published 8-1-2021

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    I know there are some places in Macon I haven't visited. However, I was surprised to recently learn of an outstanding event I had not known about before. I guess that's because I was staying at the fantastic 1842 Inn and visiting some of Macon's most interesting places. I must have gotten too busy

    I revisited Ocmulgee Mounds that takes me back to Macon's pre-Columbian history. The seven mounds, with the tallest being the 55 feet Great Temple Mound, originated around 900AD.

    I got to the Hay House. It's recent if you compare it with the mounds, since they built it in 1860. The Cannonball house is around the same era. Both are worth a tour for the interesting Civil War history.

    There are even two historic cemeteries in Macon, Rose Hill Cemetery and Historic Riverside Cemetery. For those who want to enjoy the great outdoors, there is Lake Tobesofkee Recreation Area Lake.


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    Tubman Museum presents African American history and culture. My first time back since it's in its big new facility. African American culture and music mingle well in Macon. There's Douglass Theater, Macon's first Black theater,  that hosted vaudeville performers and some of the biggest names in R and B Music.

    Another old music venue is Macon's Grand Opera House, before movies it was the largest stage south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

    Capricorn Recording Studio was a major player in the music business in the 1970s. Mercer Music at Capricorn has resurrected the old-time favorite with a big new flair. It was where The Allman Brothers Band invented Southern Rock. Their home, The Big House, is now open as a museum. 

    Otis Redding Foundation is keeping alive the history of the King of Soul.

    Rock Candy Tours took me through so much of Macon's music history.

    For sports fans, there is Georgia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, the country's largest state sports museum. It is here at the Sports Hall of Fame, Douglass Theatre, and Mark Smith Planetarium at the Museum of Arts & Sciences that this exciting event is going to happen. It's the Macon Film Festival and has been ongoing for 16 years. How could I have missed it?

     Last year, there was only a virtual festival because of the pandemic. This year a live festival will take place in Macon, Georgia on August 19-22. This year's festival will kick off with a special free, outdoor screening event on Thursday, August 19. The event will take place on the grounds of the Mill Hill Community Arts Center at 213 Clinton Street in downtown Macon. There is also a virtual festival scheduled for August 26-29 on the Macon Film Festival channel hosted by Film Festival Flix. Check out the complete listing of 2021 official selection films now available on maconfilmfestival.com.  

    To enjoy a complete Macon experience,  start at the Macon Visitors Center.




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