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Jordan Tour

Want to visit fun places but you are not sure what to go see there? How about taking a tour that is like having a friend who knows that city well along to take you to the coolest places. You can do that for under $5 now.

I wrote a few fun and informative tours for a great company called Tours4Mobile. Here are some fun places to visit with me as your guide.

My Jordan tour is now available from Tours4Mobile.

There is so much to see in Jordan. Naturally there is Petra but that is only the icing on the cake.

This tour is for those of you lucky enough to visit that magical place and for those who want an armchair tour.

I warn you however, if you are just thinking armchair tour, you will want to include Jordan in your travel plans soon once you view this tour.

Click here for the tour



Mesa Verde Country Tour


My Mesa Verde Country Tour is now available.

 One of American's most intriguing mysteries surrounds the Anasazi culture, now called Ancestral Puebloans, of Mesa Verde. On this tour, we're going to uncover some answers as we visit both little-known and well-known sites.

We all have heard of  the more well know sites in Mesa Verde Country like Cliff Palace and Balcony House.

But there is so much more to see in this area. This tour can open up new sites you never knew existed.

 Click here for this tour

Downtown Atlanta Tour

<h1>Atlanta capitol building with veterans statures</h1> in foregroundThe World of Coca-Cola and Imagine it! are the star attractions for kids in Atlanta. Adults will have fun at both of these attractions also.

There is the CNN Center where you can be a star news anchor for a few minutes and the Georgia State Capitol will inform and entertain the adults. And it's all walkable! This tour has something for everyone.


Panda bear at <h1>atlanta Zoo</h1>Atlanta Metro Area offers so much more than sophisticated nightlife. The natural attractions are among the most interesting anywhere.

Biggest and best of natural attractions are all here. From the largest aquarium in the world to the largest bas-relief carvings in the world on the largest exposed granite dome in North America at Stone Mountain. 

The best is here also. Zoo Atlanta's Gorilla Exhibit is considered one of the best in the world. Then let's not forget General Beauregard Lee, the favorite Southern weather prognosticator who resides at Yellow River Game Ranch. Come along and visit the best of Atlanta's natural attractions with Atlanta, Georgia in the Wild! So don't just come for the nightlife – take in some ‘super natural' attractions as well! This tour brings the best of them to life for you.     

 Click here for this tour

Merrett Island Island National Wildlife Refuge Tour

bobcat eshibit at <h1>Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge</h1>From the fluctuating climate and the fresh, salt, and estuary waters came thousands of unique species of incredible diversity… a natural world unlike any other place on earth. Of course, being on the Atlantic flyway doesn't hurt Merrett Island National Wildlife Refuge (MINWR)'s birding reputation a bit.

One special bird found there is the Florida scrub jay. This unique bird is indigenous to central Florida. You won't find them anywhere else in the world. They inhabit sandy scrub, a desert-like habitat found only in Florida.

Since scrub land is also a developer's favorite terrain, the Florida scrub jays are forced to compete for their bit of earth. If you want to see a scrub jay other rare birds, this is the tour for you

Click here for this tour


 Tampa Gone Wild Tour

Fish at <h1>Clearwater zoo</h1>Tampa is the place to visit in Florida for some really big natural attractions. Wildlife attractions make this a vacation mecca. Want to visit Winter, the star of "A Dolphin's Tale" and continue on to another great aquarium?  Then there is Busch Gardens, a zoo, and Big Cat Rescue. Go wild and join us with this tour for a ROARING good time!

Click here for this tour 

Pittsburgh Tour


Pittsburgh has shed its gritty steel mill persona. It's a place to have fun and enjoy taste-tempting food. Visit the best foodie spots, natural attractions, cultural centers, historical sites, and water and sports fun.

You have got to see and taste The Strip and relive Andy Warhol's art. Drive the bridges, ride the incline or kayak the rivers, there is something for everyone in Pittsburgh.

Click here for this tour



But maybe you want to go somewhere else. Maybe overseas or to a different city. Never fear, there are a lot of other great tours at Tours4Mobile. Check them out below.





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