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The Mill Winery is an unusual combination of old and new. The Texas Mill and Elevator Company was built to meet the needs of the young town of Abilene in 1910. Situated between the two railroad tracks for ease in shipping when the railroad was the major transportation for freight, it originally milled flour then switched to grain, hay, and feed. As progress moved on, the mill shut down. It sat empty and desolate.

Then in 2013, it had a resurrection. Bridget McDowell and her daughter, Mindy Howard, have transformed it to The Mill Winery. They kept the rustic mill feel on the interior spaces but created perfect event rooms. What were once grain elevator pads are now gazebos: behind the silo there is a small vineyard of syrah grapes, although most of their grapes are grown at their main vineyard in Clyde, Texas. It's a fun and relaxing place to spend an evening. The water feature is relaxing and for a chilly night, there are fire pits. Twinkling lights create a cozy romantic feel. Wine barrels are abundant and set the mood.

four sangria cocktails at Mill Winery
Your choice of sangria cocktails

If you are craving a romantic table for two, you will find one amongst the grapevines, private but still where you can hear the music. There is a great wine bar inside the beautifully converted mill with their own locally made wines, craft beets and some delightful sangria cocktail choices. There are multiple choices but I went with a peach cocktail and was not disappointed.

yard at mill winery in Abilene
The Mill Winery atmosphere is relaxing no matter where you sit.

You won't go hungry here either. We started the evening with a large cheese board. The variety of cheeses and cold cuts were tasty but my favorite was a fig spread that made simple crackers taste like ambrosia of the gods. We also sampled their nachos and salsa. Tasty.

cheese board and chips and salsa at mill winery in Abilene
Tasty appetizers

The live music set the mood. Fun but we could still have a conversation without shouting. Then there is the Mill Feed Truck. You might think that should be "food" truck but remember this was a feed grain mill at one time. The front of the truck is a 1920's fire truck. The back is a specially designed kitchen made to look like a antique feed hauling truck. It is parked in the lot next to the fence. We all trooped out to get our choices of Homestyle Burger, Fried Chicken Sandwich, Roast Beef Wrap or Chicken Bacon Wrap. All served with fries. I got the chicken bacon wrap and it was very filling and tasty.

Chicken bacon wrap from Mill Feed Truck at Mill Winery
The Chicken Bacon Wrap is well stuffed

For dessert, I had to try the Truffle Flight. Wow! Real Texas sized chocolate. And it was melt-in-your mouth good.

Mill Feed Truck at mill winery
The Mill Feed Truck

The Mill Winery offers a unique place for a wedding or event for locals. It had different bands or musicians on different nights and has a weekly steak night.  For visitors it is a wonderful way to combine some of Texas history with modern day food and wine.

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