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Chef Lane prepares a scrumptious delight in the kitchen


It's Elements

Article and Photos by Kathleen Walls

What do you get when you cross a bistro with an art gallery? How about mixing it all up in an old silent-movie theater in Lyons, Georgia? You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out: "It's Elements, Doctor Watson."

Elements Bistro in Lyons, Georgia is the brainchild of Chef John Mark Lane. Chef Lane was born in Charleston, W. Va. From an early age he knew his future lay in the restaurant business. At age 15, he began at the bottom of the food chain so to speak and worked  as a dishwasher at Caf� Society in Charlotte, N.C. Natural talent cannot be kept down and by the age of 16 he was a sous chef and creating lunches. He knew by this time he wanted to be an accomplished chef and one day own his own restaurant. He enrolled at the Culinary Arts program at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, N.C and on graduating worked at many local well know spots such as  Trio Restaurant, Charley’s and Sonoma Bistro . In October 2007, he accomplished his dream and opened Elements Bistro and Grill.


Elements_wine_bar.jpg (169723 bytes)
The wine bar is a perfect place to unwind

He searched for the perfect spot and found an unlikely location. Lyons' oldest movie theater had burned in 1939. The building was a brick structure with little left but the original walls. Clever redesign has made it an attractive place to dine. Chef Lane wanted more than just your ordinary restaurant. His appreciation for art, especially the local artists in Georgia, led him to incorporate an art gallery in his restaurant. The corner side with lots of windows is the bar side where you can enjoy your favorite vintage while browsing an amazing collection of paintings. The inner section is the dining area with an open kitchen to the rear and a  piano and lots of greenery near the entrance. There is an upstairs balcony dining area accessed via a charming winding staircase.

His cooking is an art also. Her loves to incorporate local fresh grown produce into his dishes. Naturally, being in the heart of Georgia's Vidalia Onion country known worldwide for its sweet onions, you will find an amazing number of delicious concoctions center around this delectable sweet onion. He calls his blend of  traditional southern dishes with modern accents and bright flavors "Southern Fusion."

Elements_piano.jpg (2332274 bytes)
The piano is artfully displayed against the old brick wall of the former theater



I recently had an opportunity to enjoy one of the biggest and best meals I have ever eaten at Elements.  His dessert, Vidalia Onion Cheesecake, was unbelievable. Elements is one place you need to taste to believe. If our friend Sherlock Holmes ever tried it I am sure he would have commented, "Superb, Doctor Watson, simply superb."



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