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Shop Now at Zaycon Fresh

In my travels, I love visiting local farms where food is raised the old-fashioned way. The tastiest meals I get on the road are in restaurants where chefs had adopted the new idea of "Farm to Table" and buy their meat and veggies from locals. I just discovered a way to get the same results at home, even though I don't live near a farm, with Zaycon Fresh Foods.

Zaycon Fresh works like a food co–op, and in this case specifically, a meat co-op.  Have you ever been a part of a food co–op for produce direct from the source? Well, this is similar in nature.  When you buy from a food co–op you usually get higher quality because your food is coming straight from the producer, as well as lower prices because you are cutting out the middleman, the grocery store. It's a smart way to get fresh meat and seafood.  

How does it work?

This program is offered through Zaycon Fresh Foods. They are a nationwide meat co–op. It is a unique process, but the rewards in quality, freshness and value are worth the wait. 
  • You order your meat selection now for a pickup date 1–4 months from now.  When many people order directly from the supplier, it drives the price down. As a result, this is done over a several month time period to ensure the requirements of the group discount price.
  • You order the meats in bulk. Generally 40 lb cases at a time. You can team up with friends or family to split a case. 
  • Sale offerings are changing all of the time. There are several options, but each option is only offered a few times per year. So the specific offerings and sales at the time of log–in will vary depending on the month! They offer promotions just as a grocery puts certain products on sale. For example if you use the code FIRST25 between now and  6-15-2017 you will save $25 off your FIRST order of $99 or more. It's not valid in all places so check first to be sure.
  • At the specified day/time of your local pickup, a refrigerated truck will arrive in your area. For those of us in Clay County, the pickup point is Island View Baptist Church at 900 Park Ave. in Orange Park, FL
  • You will drive to your pickup location on the day and time of your pickup event, generally within 30 minutes, some locations within 5 minutes of your home and in the parking lot of a private business or organization where arrangements have been made.
  • You don't even have to get out of your car. You pull–up in line. When it is your turn, roll down your window and give the driver your name, pop your trunk and they will place a plastic sheet down to protect your vehicle and load your order into your trunk.
  • Drive home with your order!
  • The whole process is just a few minutes, which makes it very convenient!
  • Once home, you can divide it up and freeze what you want for future use.
  • Feel free to read the FAQ to help answer additional questions.

Why would I buy my meat this way instead of the grocery store? 

  • The cost is 30–50% less than the grocery store depending on the meat selected.
  • Most all of the meat is delivered farm fresh, never frozen (there are some exceptions like the Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, that's a little difficult to deliver fresh from Alaska). It comes directly from the farms, so it is very fresh, as opposed to meats in the grocery store going through a long journey to arrive at the store and handled by many in the process. 
  • The quality is compared to the higher quality options in the grocery store. The local farms are hand-picked and Zaycon is committed to providing the highest quality. If at any time a farm does not meet their strict standards, they will drop this farm and meat will not be available in this area until an acceptable replacement is found. After all Zaycon's reputation depends on the quality of food they deliver.
  • It's convenient! When you buy this way, you know when unexpected company drops in all you need to do is go to your freezer and there will be something appropriate to fix for dinner.
  • They have a great reputation, high ratingincluding a great rating (A+).  
  • They have been around since 2009, and growing massively in popularity because they are meeting several needs in this key area of grocery shopping and grocery budgets everywhere. 
  • They have one of the highest customer retention rates in any industry. The percentage of return customers exceeds industry standards. The proof is in the pudding! 

How do I order?

Ordering is really easy
  • Log on to the Zaycon site and register or log in. 
  • At the top of the page, click on shop by product or by location. 
  • Find the meat offerings you are interested in. 
  • You will find the details of the meat being offered. 
  • Click on "On Sale Now"
  • Add as many cases as you would like. 
  • Enter code FIRST25 at checkout. (If you are ordering before 6-15-17)
  • At secure checkout, enter your payment information. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your order and you will also see your order history under "My Account." 
  • Wait for your pickup date/time! 

My Wild About Florida Cookbook has lots of recipes you can use with your order.
And you can get it for free here.