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Lightload Towels

 Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

These towels prove the old saying "good things come in small packages." They come as a deceptively tiny flat round  package. However, when you wet them, they open up to show their true character, a full size towel capable of many useful functions.

Towel package towel unwrapped

I tried the hand sized, 12" X 24", and the washcloth sized, 12" X 12", and was very pleased. They unfolded when wet and were very absorbent. They are very durable and of course reusable making them more practical than paper towels which just fall apart even if space is not a consideration. Another plus is they are soft and feel very comfortable against the skin. Lightload Towels also make a full-sized beach towel that fits easily in a pants pocket and weighs about as much as two bandanas. 

For the camper or hiker who needs to plan every inch of his/her packing space, they are a lifesaver. They are wrapped in a waterproof package. They are wickable and will pull the water off you or your tent. The beach towel size one could double as a blanket if you get trapped in a snowdrift or a stalled car overnight during a storm.

Should you need to start a fire and have no kindling, these towels also act as a fire starter. Just for everyday use, they are so helpful. I stuck one in my picnic basket so I will always have something to wipe down a wet table or to use as a hand towel after some messy ribs or for clean up after a picnic. Even open they take so little room in my small basket that I have room for all the important extras like cookies, candy and other necessities.

Sometimes it really is the little things that make a difference.

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