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Dub's High on the Hog









Most businesses believe advertising is the way to get customers. Dub's High on the Hog in Calhoun, Georgia, claim they don't even need a sign. Their method of bringing in business is to serve the most tasty, fall-off-the -bone ribs and pulled pork, not to mention the attention paid to all the side dishes like huge baked potatoes and the delicate flavored Brunswick stew. Naturally they serve steak and chicken and all the other staples you expect to find at a barbeque restaurant


Dugout bench  at Dub's
Dugout bench is the closest thing to a sign at Dub's
The dessert menu offers some hard choices. An unusual pecan cobbler or traditional peach cobbler are a tough decision. The coconut cake is great also. For me the delicious fudge brownie covered with ice cream, caramel sauce and pecans is the winner.

And yes, there really is no sign in front of the restaurant. You just have to  look for the log cabin style building with a red roof or you could just close your eyes and follow your nose. That luscious smell will lead you straight to Dub's. As soon as you walk in and see that big hog's head mounted on the wall, you know pork is treated with respect here.

Dub's High on the Hog Barbeque in Calhoun, Georgia
Dub's High on the Hog Barbeque
In fact the big secret to Dub's success is their patience with their pork. Dishes like burgers and steak are cooked to order but the pork ribs and pulled pork are begun the night before they will be served. Slow cooking is the only way to achieve truly tender barbeque ribs.  The pulled pork takes a few more hours.

It's a labor of love for Jeff and Monte Erwin, the brothers that co-own Dub's. They never attended any fancy cooking schools. In fact, they never planned on becoming restaurateurs. That is until their first business, home construction, began to go sour in the early 2000s. due to the poor economy and increased competition. Prior to that barbequing was a hobby for the brothers. Something they did to relax after a hard of building. Friends who benefited from the hobby kept telling them "you need to open a restaurant."

As construction declined they decided to follow the axiom "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."  With no experience in the restaurant business and having only cooked for friends and family, they jumped in with both feet  They opened Dub's in January  2005. Their small location only seated 24.   It was a hard learning curve but they were up to it. Within a little more than a year the brother's construction background came in handy. They had already outgrown their space. They built an addition that seats another 130 people and kept on doing what they love, barbequing.

If there is any secret other than patience and good food, the brothers claim their choice of sauces is a prime factor in Dub's popularity. They offer a wide variety ranging from sweet to fiery hot and every combination in between. Just like in life, not everyone has the same taste. As Jeff Erwin stated, "Folks like variety."

BBQ plate  at Dub's High on the Hog Barbeque in Calhoun, Georgia
BBQ plate at Dub's High on the Hog
Even the name relates to their earlier life experiences. When they were children, their grandfather, W. P. Hunt, Jr., nicknamed Dub, was a farmer. He had a friendly rivalry with an neighboring farmer, J. D. Baxter,  to see who could get out into the field and get working earlier.  The two farmers would call and check on the other's progress as they prepared for their day. Sometimes when Baxter's wife was cooking a pork tenderloin for breakfast, Dub would say to Baxter, "Ole Hoss, you're eating high on the hog. You better get out to the field and pay for it."

The saying and the work ethic passed down from Grandfather Dub remained with the Erwin brothers and contributed to both the name and the reason for the success of Dub's High on the Hog. When you taste the food there, you will appreciate the work that goes into this kind of cuisine.



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