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The Spring 2015 Edition of American Roads Magazine  


American Roads is proud to present the Spring 2015  Edition of American Roads Magazine.                  

Congratulations are in order for one of our feature journalists. Warren Resen was the proud winner of the Bronze Medal for his Travel Series-Newspapers 2014. Several of his winning series article appeared in American Roads. They are Tour of St. Augustine, Punta Gorda, FL and Door County, WI, Another in the series, The Biltmore Estate/Asheville, was in our sister publication, Lagniappe. 

A special thanks to our guest author this issue. William A. Bowers, Jr. did a masterful job or guiding us through the sights surrounding the War around Atlanta. Bill is an expert on the history of the War Between the States as he has three books out about three of Georgia's volunteer regiments.

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Lagniappe (Our new E-zine branches off from this page)

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Adirondack Trail Mix  

A Visit to Nettle Meadow Farm

By Persis Granger

Nettle Meadow Farm and Cheese Company is not the kind of place you’d be likely to stumble upon while headed to some other destination. Visitors to this Adirondack goat and sheep dairy arrive at the complex of red barns and barnyards by design, driven by the desire to see for themselves the place that produces the wide variety of artisan cheeses they love, and to take home some farm-fresh cheese.

read Adirondack Trail Mix- Click Here

Agri Lanes


by Kathleen Walls

One of Georgia’s best kept secrets is the Georgia Museum of Agriculture and Historic Village at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. It’s easy to find located just off Interstate 75 in Tifton, Georgia and is a real treasure. Yet it isn’t as universally known as many tourist hotspots. This was my second visit there and it was never crowded. Considering all it has to offer, I don’t know why it isn't thronged with visitors.

Read Agri Lanes_Click Here

Art Trails

The Culinary Arts - How about a Food Tour?

by Anne Jenkins

Food occupies a lot of our time - we grow it, we plan meals, we shop for it, we experiment with it and it sustains us. When traveling we savor new culinary delights. And now food tourism is big business. Cooking schools all over the world vie for attention.

Read Art_Trails.htm /

Chuckwagon Roundup

  Breakfast Specials

by Kathleen Walls

Here are a few of my latest finds for out-of-this-world breakfasts.

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Civil Rights Trails

Booker T. Washington: An Under Rated Hero

by Kathleen Walls

History seldom cites Booker T. Washington as a Civil Rights Leader. In reality, he was one of the first and one of the most important African American leaders in the struggle of a former enslaved people to gain equality promised them under the law.

read Civil Rights Trail-Click Here

Civil War Trails

Kennesaw Mountain to Nash Farms
A War Between the States Adventure

by William A. Bowers, Jr.

A visitor to the Atlanta, Georgia area that has an interest in the War Between the States era could not find a better place to visit and explore. So much that was pivotal in that war occurred around Atlanta and the eventual fall of that city paved the way for Sherman’s advance to the sea.

read Civil War Trails-Click Here

Exploring with Eleanor  

Eating your way ‘round the world in Ann Arbor

By Eleanor Hendricks McDaniel 

Located just 42 miles from Detroit, upscale Ann Arbor, Michigan refutes the small town stereotype. With a population of about 114,000, its sophistication comes as a surprise, and may be explained by being the home of the University of Michigan. It overflows with fine art museums and galleries, unique shopping and an outstanding culinary scene. For example, there are almost 300 restaurants, many headed by award-winning chefs, and the number of excellent ethnic restaurants boggles the mind.

read Exploring with Eleanor - Click Here 

Fork in The Road  

Doggone Good: Chateau Morrrisette

By Kathleen Walls

I think Julia Child would have loved this winery and its restaurant. You might expect a winery to serve excellent wines but when a winery is the place to go for fine dining as well, now that’s something special.

read Fork in the Road - Click Here 

Happy Trails

Abraham Lincoln: “There I Grew Up…”

By Tom Straka
Photographs by Pat Straka

Abraham Lincoln brings the state of Illinois to mind, or maybe Kentucky, where he was born, but a quarter of Lincoln’s life was spent in a third state.  When he was seven years of age his father, Thomas, moved the family (Including mother, Nancy, and sister, Sarah) from Kentucky to the frontiers of southern Indiana.  Abraham Lincoln spent fourteen years of his life there from 1816 to 1830, when he moved to Illinois.  Those were his formative years, where he developed his morals and character.  The family claimed 160 acres near Little Pigeon Creek in what would become Spencer County, Indiana. Indiana became a state just about the same time as the family moved.  Lincoln referred to the unsettled woodlands as the “wild region.” 

read Happy Trails - Click Here

Historic Trails

On the Trail of the Pony Express

By Kathleen Walls

Legends of the Pony Express are part of our history. The Hollywood version is of hard riding steely eyed men blazing an trail across the American West. In the movie version they usually have countless adventures, fight off Indians, and find romance along the way. In truth, the reality is greater than the legend. In spite of the Hollywood version of the hunky hero, the riders were all in their teens and weighed less than 125 pounds in most cases. the company preferred orphans for obvious reasons.

 read Historic Trails- Click Here

Inn Roads

The Chattanooga Choo Choo

By Kathleen Walls

“A private railcar is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately..” Eleanor Robson Belmont-Actress and founder of the Metropolitan Opera Guild

read Inn Roads - Click Here

Museum Stroll

Then and Now: The Georgia Rural Telephone Museum

By Kathleen Walls

Where would we be without our phone? It’s our protection should our car break down. It’s how we plan our lives and communicate with friends. We use it to do business. Isn’t it wonderful that it fits in our pocket or purse and goes wherever we do? Little did I dream back in the day when I watched Star Trek’s Captain Kirk “call” Mr. Spock on that nifty little handheld device that I would one day have my own and not leave home without it.

 read Museum Stroll- Click Here


Native Trails

Alphabet 101

by Kathleen Walls

In the history of humanity only one man ever created an alphabet single handedly. He was a poor silversmith who went by the American name of George Gist or Guest. Today, he is known to the world as Sequoyah.

 read Native Trails- Click Here

Rail Roads

The Romance of the Rail

 by Kathleen Walls

For over a century America has carried on a love affair with the steam locomotive. It still represents the romance of the train. Watch one of the epic old movies and you will be awed by the power of the old steam engine pulling into the station puffing a cloud of smoke above it.

 read Rail Roads Click here

Renee's Route

Fredericksburg, VA, Step into History (1800-1870)

by Renee S. Gordon

Fredericksburg has always benefitted from a location that placed it at the heart of all of the events that contributed to the making of America. It thrived as an inland port, was an early urban center and served as a gateway to westward expansion. The institution of slavery was interwoven in every event and activity and by the onset of the Civil War the population consisted of approximately 50% people of African descent with 1,200 slaves, 350 free blacks and 3,000 whites. An African American male in his prime sold for about $1500, $40,000 in modern currency.

read Renee's Route- Click Here

Tibs Trails and Tastes

Discover North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley for Wines and Other Delights

by Christine Tibbets

  Winemakers who understand the science of the land and the grapes are recognizing similarities to France’s Burgundy region in North Carolina, close to the border with Virginia.

read Tibs Trails and Tastes Click Here

See the U.S.A. with Warren

New Orleans

by Warren Resen
Photographs by Jeanne O'Conner

The “Big Easy,” was an eagerly awaited stop on our road trip. It was a city we had never before visited and were looking forward to the sights and sounds of this storied place.

read See the U.S.A. with Warren- Click Here

Wet Roads

Chattanooga Drifting

By Kathleen Walls

Some attractions are hectic, fast paced and exciting. Fun maybe but not really relaxing. If you are looking for relaxing fun in Chattanooga there is one special place that offers the best of both worlds. It is exciting and fun but it also offers a perfect way to spend a relaxing day.

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Wild Roads

Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders

By Kathleen Walls

Everyone has heard of the seven natural wonders of the world. In 1999, they have been challenged by a group promoting the New Seven Wonders. However, Georgia has had its own Seven Wonders since state librarian Ella May Thornton, published her list in the Atlanta Georgian Magazine on December 26, 1926. It has since been amended but the present Seven Wonders of Georgia are well worth a trip across the state to view each and every one.

read Wild Roads - Click Here






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