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The Spring 2016 Edition of American Roads and Global Highways



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Welcome to the Spring 2016 issue of American Roads and Global Highways. It's a fully packed issue as usual with lots of fun places brought to you by some of the best travel writers around. 

There will be new breaking stories happening on Lagniappe so keep checking back. Don't just wait for a new issue.

Jim DeLillo has joined our regular contributors. Check out his own Photos from the Roadside column.

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Adirondack Trail Mix

The Lake George Elvis Festival ~ June 1 – 5, 2016
By Persis Granger

Elvis has left the building? Lake George Village, in the southern Adirondacks of New York state, would beg to differ! This small village springs to life during the first week of June with a five-day celebration of the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Tribute artists from far and near descend upon the Adirondacks to shake, rattle and roll to honor the life and perpetuate the legacy of Elvis Presley along the shore of the “Queen of America’s Lakes”, the pristine 32-mile-long mountain-rimmed Lake George. Although the setting is serene, you can be sure that, during the festival, there will be no peace in that valley

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Agri Lanes

Riding the Tide: Great Raft Brewery

by Kathleen Walls

There is nothing like a “Produced in the USA” tag on a food product to remind us of our country’s agricultural roots. Since pre-colonial days, beer has been part of the American culture. Native Americans brewed a type of beer from corn, birch sap and water. But beer as we know it today began with the brewing traditions brought from England and the Netherlands in Colonial days. Ale was the traditional brews found in early pubs. Then in the 19th century, German immigrants brought with them a culture of creating lagers.

Read Agri Lanes_Click Here

Art Trails

Living History, Modern Art

by Anne Jenkins

Conjure up a trip to Williamsburg, Va., and history immediately springs to mind. The neatly restored town perfectly chronicles the early history of the United States, complete with docents dressed in period costume and dusty wide streets.  And while it is very essential, interesting and educational to 'live' history, there is another side to Colonial Williamsburg. An exciting and modern arts and crafts industry hides in plain sight in in the area.  

Read Art_Trails.htm

Chuckwagon Roundup

 Prize Pizzas

by Kathleen Walls

Pizza was long a favorite in Italy’s poorer sections. In the early 18th century Italian emigrants brought their favorite comfort food to the United States but it remained mostly a local dish served in Italian communities. Pizza popularity grew with the returning WW2 soldiers who had occupied Italy and discovered pizza as a welcome change for rations during the war. For the first time, restaurants serving pizza and chains specializing in the delectable pies sprang up outside of the old Italian neighborhoods and were welcomed with open arms. Here are a few fantastic pizza places I have visited lately.

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Civil Rights Trails

Tallahassee's Spirit of Smokey Hollow

by Kathleen Walls

 Founded in the 1890s close to downtown, Smokey Hollow  was home to many of Tallahassee’s working class African Americans. It was a safe comfortable place where neighbors were like family until the 1960s.Then, as Tallahassee entered the period of the Civil Right movement. sweeping its reforms across American, everything changed.

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Dark Trails

Mount Sinai Adventure

By Warren Resen

Traveling to the Holy Land is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. No matter what your beliefs, the trip is an amazing adventure.

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Elite Street Eats

The Edison is Lighting up Tallahassee

By Kathleen Walls

Thomas Edison once stated, “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Perhaps he had a restaurant like his namesake, The Edison, in mind.

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Fork in The Road

Zydeco's: A Touch of Louisiana in Indiana

By Kathleen Walls

The last thing you expect to find in Mooresville, Indiana is a genuine Cajun restaurant but there it is right in the heart of Hoosier country, a little piece of Acadiana called Zydeco. Actually it’s more than Cajun it’s a little bit of New Orleans best Creole cooking rolled up with Lafayette, Breau Bridge, Thibodaux’s Cajun and Zydeco style and all of South Louisiana thrown in for fun.

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Happy Trails

Bennett Place~~The Surrender after Appomattox Court House

By Tom Straka

You probably think the last surrender of the Civil War took place at Appomattox Court House. Not so, there were several others as Confederate troops further south and west surrendered. Confederate President Jefferson Davis did not want the war to end with Appomattox. By early-April 1865 it was apparent that the Civil War was drawing to a close. General William T. Sherman and his Union troops had finished their march to the sea and were now marching through the Carolinas. Columbia, South Carolina was burned in mid-February and in mid-March Sherman’s objective in North Carolina became clear; he was headed to Goldboro to linkup with 30,000 additonal Union troops moving west from the coast.  Goldsboro was important as it openned the door to Raleigh and the important rail lines going north (the rail line that supplied the besieged Army of Northern Virginia). Sherman hoped to move north rapidly and join in the expected surrender of  General Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia.

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Information Highway ( a different way to promote travel)

Wild About Florida

When you visit Florida, there is so much natural beauty to see. Wild About Florida by Kathleen and Martin Walls gives you a glimpse of all of the fun and natural places in Florida everyone would love to visit but doesn't know that they exist.

read Information Highway - Click Here


Inn Roads

Barrymore Hotel. A Local Flavorite

By Kathleen Walls

Are you one of those people who book at chain hotels? If so you could be missing out on a lot of local flavor. Barrymore Hotel in Tampa is a perfect example. Once part of a chain, this boutique hotel in Tampa’s Downtown River Arts District, is a unique cultural experience not just a place to lay your head.

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Photos from the Roadside

Coronado National Forest and Chiricahua National Monument,
Willcox, Arizona

By Jim DiLillio

Red dust kicked up behind my wheels as I hugged the inner curve of the dirt road. Through the passenger-side window on my right, I could just make out the 1500-foot drop to the gorge below. 

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Museum Stroll

Smithsonian, Texas Style

By Kathleen Walls

Panhandle Plains Historical Museum calls itself “The Smithsonian with a Texas accent.” It’s pretty close to right. It is a fantastic museum and it’s located on Texas A and M University Campus in Canyon, Texas so it definitely has a Texas accent.

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Music Row

Tallahassee Blues

By Kathleen Walls

Our group leader, Laura, led us down a winding dirt road just wide enough for a car that looked like the scene of some B grade horror movie. As the road petered out we saw a small, cinderblock building with a huge bonfire blazing behind it. Instead of being slashed by a monster at the end of the road, we reached one of Tallahassee’s best-kept-secret fun spots, The Bradfordville Blues Club. 

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On the Road with Grandma

Sarasota: Fun in a Cultural Breadbasket

by Roberta Sandler

What kid doesn't like going to the circus? For that matter, what kid-at-heart doesn't have fond childhood memories of watching the animals and performers under the Big Top?

 read On the Road with Grandma- Click Here


Pot Luck

Quilting Bees and Teas

By Mary Emma Allen

Quilting bees and gatherings often become a winter pasttime...occasions to gather socially, work on projects and enjoy tea and cookies.  This has been an activity for generations and continues today among my daughter and her friends.  Some quilters travel distances to  attend workshops, shows and gatherings.  

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Photos from the Side of the Road

by Jim Delillo

Red dust kicked up behind my wheels as I hugged the inner curve of the dirt road. Through the passenger-side window on my right, I could just make out the 1500-foot drop to the gorge below. 

Read Photos- click here

Renee's Route

Smooth Travels: African American Heritage Trail in Northern NY

by Renee's S. Gordon

In 1613 what is believed to be the first permanent settler in New Netherlands, now New York City, was put ashore from a Dutch sailing ship. Jan Rodrigues, a free man of color from Santo Domingo carried with him tools and provisions and was tasked with establishing trade with the Indians for the Dutch. His presence is documented because the following year legal problems arose with fur traders. Rodrigues married a native and when the Dutch returned for him he chose to stay and establish his own trading post. In commemoration in 2012 Broadway between 158th and 218th Streets was designated Juan Rodriguez Way.

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Renee's Route International

El Dorado, Bogot and Cartagena, Colombia

by Renee's S. Gordon

It is estimated that during the slave trade approximately 12.5-million Africans were taken from Africa with an estimated 10.7-million completing the voyage to the Americas and only about 10% of those captured taken directly to North America. The coastal area of Colombia, South America was such a large and lucrative slave port that more than 300,000 Africans passed through the city. Today Colombia’s current black population is the 2nd largest in South America and the 3rd largest outside of the continent of Africa.  

read Renee's Route-International- Click Here  

See the USA with Warren

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

by Warren Resen

Have you ever wondered where many of the place names displayed on road signs originated?  Was a city, town, or historical site named for a founding father, a geographical feature, historical event, or something else that brought this area into prominence?  Names tell a story and the story is not always obvious. 

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Tibbs Trails and Tastes

Consider a Trail of Excellence Combining Some Riveria Resorts

by Christine Tibbets

Staying put is enticing once the slog of air travel is accomplished but I discovered a slew of alluring reasons to roam from one all-inclusive resort to another on a Cancun vacation.

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Vagabond Traveler

Following the Quilting Trail

By Mary Emma Allen

Designing and making quilts can be exciting and satisfying in itself.  However, an added reward is attending quilt workshops and shows around your home area and in various parts of the country.  In the course of my quilting, both making quilts and writing about them, I've been involved in events nearby and those as I traveled. 

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Wild Road

Lowry Park Zoo Revistied

Kathleen Walls

It has been years since I visited Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo so I was presently surprised at all the improvements made to an already wonderful facility when I visited with my daughter a short time ago. Also, pleased at all the new additions to some of the animal families.


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 A little something extra just for you. 


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