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The Fall 2014 Edition of American Roads Magazine  


American Roads is proud to present the Fall 2014  Edition of American Roads Magazine.                  

Fall is arriving but there are still plenty of destinations just crying out for a late vacation trip.We offer you a glimpse of some of them here at American Roads. Go out and explore these and other great destinations now that the weather has turned a little cooler.

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Lagniappe (Our new E-zine branches off from this page)

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Adirondack Trail Mix  

A Visit to Basil and Wicks, North Creek, NY

By Persis Granger

The original Basil and Wicks was in operation when we first moved to the Adirondacks in the mid-1970s.  I won’t be named “Mom of the Year” for saying this, but back then I thought of Basil and Wicks as a “family bar.” It was clean, well-managed and friendly. Basil – or was it Wick? – we never knew who it was behind the bar – ran a tight ship.

read Adirondack Trail Mix- Click Here

Agri Lanes

It's Rocking at the Ranch

by Kathleen Walls

Things start rocking at the Ranch when Fall rolls around. That's Rock Ranch located in The Rock, Georgia.  On the off chance you never heard of "The Rock," it's a tiny hamlet about an hour south of Atlanta and worth every minute of the drive.

Read Agri Lanes_Click Here

Art Trails

Fall Studio Tours and Arts Markets

by Anne Jenkins

We are lucky indeed that art studio tours during fall are two a-penny and buyers are spoiled for choice in every region. I strongly  recommend you always support your local studio tours, but here are three of my top picks one in the nation's capital, one in the nation's most lively city and one in a tranquil rural area. All the websites are listed at the end of this article for more information.

Read Art_Trails.htm /

Chuckwagon Roundup

Family Tradition

by Kathleen Walls

As Hank Williams, Jr. says they are "just carrying on an old family tradition" and the food in these multi-generational restaurants makes that family proud. These restaurants are still operated by a family member of in one case passed on to a "like family" member

read Chuckwagon Roundup Click Here

Civil Rights Trails

From the Ashes

by Kathleen Walls

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Resora in Albany, Georgia, is a story of love and compassion conquering the demons of hate and bigotry. What was once a place of enslavement now serves the multiple purposes of recreation, cultural awareness and empowerment.

read Civil Rights Trail-Click Here

Civil War Trails

Shiloh: American's Waterloo

by Kathleen Walls

Captain, give me a gun – The blamed fight ain’t got no rear.” This was the conclusion of an unknown Ohio private who had tried to flee to safety during the Battle of Shiloh. He decided he had to stay and fight since he observed in this battle, there was no refuge to retreat into, no rear to hide a frightened man. The battle was everywhere at once.

read Civil War Trails-Click Here

Dark Roads

New Orleans' Cities of the dead

by Kathleen Walls

In recent years cemeteries have become popular tourist destination. Some cities have instituted "Cemetery Walks." Others "Ghost Tours" in their burial grounds. Only in New Orleans is this not a new practice. The mysterious, historic and often haunted cemeteries of the Crescent City have always drawn visitors.

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Exploring with Eleanor  

HARRISBURG--Perfect for a weekend getaway

By Eleanor Hendricks McDaniel 

Summer’s over, and everyone is back to school or work. But many of us are still experiencing that laid-back vibe, causing us to hunt for a perfect weekend escape. And why not? The weather is temperate, the leaves are brightly colored and lodging fees have dropped. Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, offers family activities, great restaurants, history, outdoor fun, wine trails and food and art events.

read Exploring with Eleanor - Click Here 

Fork in The Road  

Sing for your Supper at Mel's Hard Luck Diner

By Kathleen Walls

Many a future singing star starts out as a waiter. Usually it's just a stopgap until their musical talent can land them in the spotlight.  It's only at  Mel's Hard Luck Diner, the home of Branson's Original Singing Servers, that singers aspire to become servers.

read Fork in the Road - Click Here 

Happy Trails


By Tom Straka
Photographs by Pat Straka

We tend to drive alternatives to the interstate when the opportunity arises.  One of our favorite alternatives involves a free ferry ride across the Ohio River, a grand cave, and a history of river pirates.

read Happy Trails - Click Here

Historic Trails

Fort Robinson: Bridging Three Centuries

By Kathleen Walls

Fort Robinson is one of those rare places where history, culture and nature intersect. It's a place where old or young, casual vacationer or serious student, could all have a great time and come away with totally different impressions. 

 read Historic Trails- Click Here

Inn Roads

The Peabody: It's Just Ducky

By Kathleen Walls

The Peabody Hotel in Memphis is a tradition. Its daily "Duck Walk" is world famous and draws both local and international a visitors.

read Inn Roads - Click Here

Literary Trails

The Roots of "Roots"

By Kathleen Walls

 In 1976, a literary bombshell bust upon American literature.  It was a book that fit its times. After the Civil Rights movement of the 60s, African Americans were looking at their culture and background with a new and different eye. "Black Pride"  was the watchword of the time. Roots: The Saga of an American Family  by Alex Haley erupted upon  the American consciousness at exactly the right moment. 


read Literary Trails - Click Here

Museum Stroll

Museums of New Orleans

By Kathleen Walls

New Orleans is filled with museums. Some have been there for time immemorial. Others pop up as interest in their special subject grows. This is just a small sampling of what New Orleans has to offer.

 read Museum Stroll- Click Here

 Music Row

Bred in the Soul

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

In Tennessee, music is bred deep in the soul. You will find it anywhere. You might stop at the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center in Brownsville just for a break as you travel along the Tennessee Music Highway. You might think it's a visitor center.  It is. It is also so much more.

 read Music Row- Click Here

Native Trails

Culture of the Mound Builders

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

About 1,000 years before the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, native people of North American were busy building huge ceremonial and burial mounds.  

 read Native Trails- Click Here

Pioneer Path

Westward Ho: Western Nebraska's Pioneer Trails

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

In May 1848 Sam Brannan, a storekeeper at Sutter's Creek,  strode onto the streets of San Francisco carrying a bottle filled with gold dust and announced his find. 'Gold! Gold! Gold from American River!'

 read Pioneer Path- Click Here



Frost on the Pumpkins

 By Mary Emma Allen

."The frost is on the pumpkins" was a phrase of my childhood, from a poem Mother quoted us.  "And a chill is in the air," she'd continue.

 read Potluck Click here

Rail Roads

Nebraska's Golden Spike

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

When I stepped out on the  eighth story glass enclosed viewing platform of the Golden Spike Tower I was met with a panoramic view of Union Pacific’s Bailey Yard, a sight to thrill all rail fans and even semi-rail fans like myself. As I strolled around the tower, I had a 360 degree view of Bailey Yard and the Platte River Valley. I decided to take a quick elevator ride down one floor to see how the seventh floor open-air platform differed. The view was much the  same from the two observation decks but the lower one was windy and cooler.


 read Rail Roads Click here

Renee's Route

The Adirondacks, “Sanctuary of Dreams”

by Renee S. Gordon

New York’s Adirondacks State Park is a magnificent gem of extremely underrated value. The 6-million acre park, larger than Glacier Park, the bold Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains,Yellowstone.Yosemite all put together, includes 8,000-sq. miles of mountains, 1,500-miles of rivers, 30,000-miles of streams, 2,000-miles of foot trails and more than 2,300 lakes. It is also home to 66 fish species, and greater than 50 animal and 220 bird species. It is an all season destination and visitors can engage in every activity from Olympic level skiing to fall foliage viewing.

read Renee's Route- Click Here

  Road Dog

Baron Does New Orleans

by Baron Byrd (with assistance from Veronica Byrd)

My human really did it this time she took me to one of the most entertaining places in the world.  New Orleans, yes The Big Easy.  I saw and did things that I cannot imagine humans actually do and actually get away with it.


read Road Dog Click Here

Scenic Roads

Wildflowers of  Western Nebraska

 by Kathleen Walls

One of the most striking things you notice as you wander trails and paths in western Nebraska along what was once the Oregon Trail is the stunning array of wildflowers. They are blooming in the harshest most inhospitable soil you can imagine yet are flourishing and adding a patchwork of color to the high plains.

 read Scenic Roads click here


Street Party

Silver Dollar City goes Red, White and Blue

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

Calling  Silver Dollar City "a theme park" is only half the story. Think theme park and you envision rides and attractions with some short-order fast food thrown in. Silver Dollar City is more a celebration of 19th century Ozark Mountain Americana. It's a mini-village filled with artisans, unique shops, shows, dining of all kinds, buildings you would find in an19th century  Ozark village.  


 read Street Party Click here


Traditional Trails

Castles in Arcadiana

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

"A man's home is his castle" is the old saying. This is ever so true in Houma, Louisiana and along the Cajun Coast. As you cruise the area, you find countless mansions that elicit memories of an earlier era. In the 19th century sugar, not cotton, was king here. Many a man made a fortune and built a luxurious mansion to display his wealth. Here are a few I visited recently.


 read Traditional Trails click here


Tibs Trails and Tastes

Reinvigorate Your Landscape Memories In Western Nebraska

by Christine Tibbets

  Maybe you can discover all of western Nebraska’s treasures with global positioning devices on a vacation road trip, but I’d recommend conjuring up an ancient skill too: landscape memory.

read Tibs Trails and Tastes Click Here

See the U.S.A. with Warren

A World Apart …Door County, Wisconsin

by Warren Resen
Photographs by Jeanne O'Conner

Jutting out from Green Bay into Lake Michigan, Wisconsin’s Door County is a peninsula that is a world apart and a visitor’s delight. Visiting Door County is like having a picture postcard come to life.

read See the U.S.A. with Warren- Click Here

Vagabond Traveler

Autumn Time, Apple Time

by Mary Emma Allen

When I was substitute teaching in art class the other day, the second grade teacher walked by with a large pan. "Would you like some apple crisp?" she asked. 

read Vagabond Traveler- Click Here




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