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By Mary Emma Allen
In this Internet Age,finding tea shops and cafes in your travels can be relatively easy. I discovered by searching this topic, I came up with many within a 50 mile radius of my home. I even found one in my small hometown.
As you travel around America, you can refresh your journey with tea.  You might order it with a meal or snack.  Or you could seek out a cafe that specializes in this beverage accompanied by tasty morsels.
The English Rose Tea Room is a touch of Merry Old England 
transplanted to Chattanooga, TN,  across from the Choo-Choo.
Photo Credit Kathleen Walls
Books About Tea
I've also become fascinated by books with settings involving tea shops, such as  Laura Child's Tea Shop mysteries set in Charleston, SC.  Even though this shop doesn't actually exist, it seems like the ideal to look for in one's travels.
As you journey, you might want to collect tea books and tea accompaniments.  My daughter constantly looks for tea related books for me.  One she recently gave me is The Charms of Tea, Reminiscences and Recipes, a Victoria book. 
Tea Souvenirs
Among the tea paraphernalia that interests tea collectors are:  tea strainers, tea canisters, teaspoons, tea cozies and tea pots.
 My aunt, in her travels, collected tea cups with pictures of places she visited.  Some of these cups also were unique in shape and design.
A friend collects tea cups she gives as gifts filled with tea bags, cocoa packets and related treats.  She will accumulate the tea cups in thrift shops, as well as in souvenir shops, and have them on hand when she wants to give a gift.
A cousin collects souvenir teaspoons in her travels.  They may have unique handles and pictures of the place they represent.  Some are simply decorative; others are useful.
Tea pots are delightful to seek out.  They can be modern or antique.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  They may be part of a tea set or simply found on their own.
Tea Museums
I first realized there were tea museums when I read the Royal Turnbridge Wells mysteries by Ron Benrey and Janet Benrey.  In searching the Internet, I discovered information about tea museums you can visit. 
Some are connected with tea manufacturers.  Others exist as separate entities or are part of historical society museum exhibits.
What have you found in your travels that's tea related?

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(c)Mary Emma Allen
(Mary Emma Allen writes for children and adults from her New Hampshire woodland home and during her travels.  She also teaches workshops on Writing Your Family Stories.  E-mail: )
































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