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The Mint
It's Solid Gold

Article and photos by Kathleen Walls

mint1 mint2
The Red Chandelier in the bar at the Mint The Ship Chandelier

Dining at the Mint Restaurant in Ridgeland just outside Jackson is a treat that is hard to beat. When I went there for dinner,  I  fell in love with the decor before I ever put a bite of the food into my mouth. It was so impressive. The huge glowing red chandelier over the bar would do justice to a exclusive 19th century brothel in the old Crescent City.

 My favorite piece of art however was a crystal chandelier in the shape of a ship. It’s one of only two in existence. (The other is in New Orleans at another equally impressive restaurant.)

When  the food arrived, my heart began to pitty-patter even more .And no, it wasn't the thought of all the cholesterol.  Hey, I’m an old southern belle, Put good southern food in front of me and what do you expect?  Both food and decor transport you to the French Quarter of New Orleans, my birthplace.

  waffle benios  
         Mint Julep Chicken and Waffle Beignets


For me the starter had to be the She Crab Soup. I wasn't disappointed when I took my first taste. The salads looked great also. For the main course, I was torn between the Mint Julep Chicken and Waffles and the Shrimp and  Cheese Grits. The shrimp won out. I like chicken but I LOVE shrimp. It was heavenly.

My food tip for dessert, try the Mini Beignets. They are fried fresh and rolled in powdered sugar and served with raspberry and caramel bourbon dipping sauces They are a real winner. Lots of the other choices like Creole Cream Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding Cake and  Banana Pudding also were tempting.

Combine the atmosphere and the great Southern food and you have a real winner when you want to celebrate something special .

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