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Bear in the air at Bald Headed Bistro
I felt like I had arrived at a plush lodge in Jackson Hole.  That could be because the signage and lighting  that greet you as you step inside the door was designed by award-winning Jackson Hole artist John Mortensen.

The booths, furnishings and decor are an artistic blend of hand crafted woods, hides, and leather done by Rocky Mountain artisans. The light fixtures are showplace quality.

Throughout there are unique touches like mounted wildlife on the walls, 55 million year old fossils are embedded in the walls and floor. The doors feature an "etched" snow elk that was created using "electrochemical etching."


Exterior dining at Bald Headed Bistro
The building was once an old mall. It is now a masterpiece of unique design as well as the best of "green" living. It's a huge log building created from logs owner, Allan Jones, salvaged at the Crescent H Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from downed trees after the Green Knolls Forest Fire in 2000.

There is a total of 283 logs in the structure. The ambiance is totally western and totally breathtaking.

The service is top notch also. Josh Weekly, general manager, welcomed us and told us "Please take your time. Look through the menu, we're here all night."  How often does that happen?



Lobster Carbonara Chocolate Pudding Cake
Naturally, the food is the main reason to go to a restaurant.. The menu at Bald Headed Bistro more than meets the test. It is filled with items you expect to find like steaks; Filet Mignon, New York Strip and Ribeye.  All cooked on wood fires.

Then there are those goodies you wouldn't expect to find at a typical western restaurant like Blue Crab and  Lobster Cakes,  Pan Seared Grouper or Lobster Carbonara.  TheThere are even vegetarian options such as Butternut Pasta or for those who have no problem with hunting, there is a wild game plate featuring venison. I had the Lobster Carbonara. It was fixed with Maine lobster, pork belly, wood fired tomatoes, wild mushrooms, parmesan butter sauce and was delicious.

Chef Eric Fulkerson
Appetizers are equally interesting and delicious. We sampled several, Cornmeal Oysters. Bacon-Wrapped Dates and Pacific Calamari & Shrimp. Enjoyed them all but the oysters were my favorite. There is a complete bar and wine menu so you will find your favorite beverage. Of course, no meal is complete without a dessert. My choice was Chocolate Pudding Cake but the White Chocolate Pecan Pie and the Crème Brûlee was pretty tempting. Choices! Choices!>

Speaking of choices, I asked Josh why the name, Bald Headed Bistro? He replied, "Our owner, Allan, is bald so he thought it was a good fit."

During the meal, Chef Eric Fulkerson stopped by and shared a bit of his background and philosophy about food. He came here from Reynolds' Plantation in Georgia  where he was chef de cuisine.  He strives for fresh food from local sources. His style is western with a southern touch.

This place lives up to its motto: Western fine dining in the Heart of the South. If you are going to be anywhere in Tennessee it's worth a side trip.


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