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The Edison in Tallahassee with Cascade Park in the background

Thomas Edison once stated, "The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease." Perhaps he had a restaurant like his namesake, The Edison, in mind.

The Edison is a brand new power on the Tallahassee restaurant scene. Literally. The restaurant is housed in the historic former Power Plant Building, built in 1921 to house the city's electric and gas power plant.  In 1954, the plant was vacated and deteriorated. Then as people began to value their local history, the area surrounding the building was turned from an eyesore to beautiful Cascades Park. The building was added to the Local Register of Historic Places in 2012.

family gathered aroudn a firepit at the Deison in Tallahassee
A family enjoying one of the firepits at The Edison

Finally a perfect use was found for the historic structure and in September of 2015, it opened as The Edison. The building is owned by the city and leased by experienced restaurateurs, Adam Corey, Ryan Grindler and John Minas, who is the head chef.

Minas brings a lot to the table at The Edison. He was head chef for Governor Rick Scott for four years. He has a unique take on his culinarty views. He combines his professional credentials as a graduate of the  Culinary Institute of America, his Armenian roots  consisting of Middle Eastern dishes learned in his grandmother's kitchen with American Southern Cooking which he prepares a bit less deep-fried and more healthy but still very home-style.  

a cheese board at the Edison Key Like Brulee  at the Edison
Cheese board at The Edison  My yummy Key Lime Brulee

Throughout his career, healthy food has been a primary concern of Minas. He gave reporters his view on The Edison's menu on opening night, "We are trying as little as possible to buy anything from outside. We want to really give the guests our flavors and our experience that we want to take with them and come back over and over and over again."  

In view of the healthy stance on food, The Edison offers a chef's table in the kitchen. The Edison is proud of its kitchen and staff and wants to show them off.   

Guest sitting at Chef's Table  at the Edison
The Chef's Table is perched in a cozy corner of the kitchen at The Edison

The Edison is unique also in that it is really eight distinct eating and drinking establishments under one roof. Although the partio dining overlooking the waterfall in Cascades Park sporting manhole covers converted to roasting pits that allow toasting marshmallows on them are under only the stars. There is the Power Plant Cafe Downstairs for less formal dining as well as a beer garden and a private wine tasting room and private dining rooms that can be used for events.

Kitchen with two Sou Chefs preparing food  at the Edison
The kitchen at The Edison is a busy place

We dined upstairs in the main dining room where we could view the beautiful weathered brick walls and high arches. I sampled one of the specials at the Edison, The Brick Chicken, made with an actual brick in homage to the building's history. I'm not sure which part of Chef Minas' repertoire it is taken from but it was delicious. As was the cheeseboard appetizer and my dessert, Key Lime Brūlee.

 Brick Chicken at the Edison
That Brick Chicken is delicious

Their wine list is impressive with over a hundred wines: some by the glass others by the bottle. There is also an inventive cocktail list and coffee, tea and soft drinks.  The Edison is once again living up to its heritage and lighting up Tallassee.  

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