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    I'll DOSH for Food

    On the road or at home, when you get a craving for that certain burger topped with cheese and special sauce or that signature steak grilled with onions and peppers at your favorite restaurant, you don't want to stop and hunt for coupons or discount offers. You just want to hop over to your favorite eatery and sink your choppers into that luscious meal.

    What if there is a way to be sure you get the best deal on your meal without even hunting for discounts or clipping coupons? Have you heard of a new app called DOSH? Whenever you order at one of the many restaurants now signed up with DOSH and make a purchase, DOSH makes sure you get any rebates or discounts coming to you even if you don't know about them. There are already over 100K merchants signed up with the program. From Wendy's and Burger King to Black Angus Steakhouse and Margaritaville hundreds of restaurants are already there and more coming aboard every day.

    You don't even have to scan or show your app to the cashier or anything. You just download your app from either Google Play or App Store depending on your device then enter one or more credit card numbers that you use. Whenever you purchase something that has a rebate or better price than you paid to any merchant in the system, DOSH finds it and puts the money in your DOSH account. Can you beat that?

    DOSH saves you money in other ways as well. Suppose you are planning a cookout. Wal-Mart, Target and other grocery stores use DOSH. Need a barbeque grill? Home Depot is one of DOSH clients. There are hundreds of stores you probally already shop that are using DOSH. Your app has offers from DOSH merchants in your neighborhood that are offering special savings as well.  And it's not just on food. Clothing, auto parts store, airlines, hotels and almost any kind of store you can think of have seen the benefits in using DOSH.

    You might wonder what 's in it for the stores that so many have already signed up. DOSH works to help them save too. They no longer have to spend that money they would have spent on advertising. It allows them to track what customers want. It also builds customer loyalty. That just makes sense. If you can get the same item at one store and get a rebate or at a store where you pay full price, where are you going?

    Best of all you get cash just for signing up. Then you get more cash when you refer a friend. You can see more about DOSH app here or visit its Facebook page. Best of all, the app is free and if you don't like it you can just delete it. II did it and have money in my DOSH wallet already. What are you waiting for? A money tree isn't going to spring up in your back yard but DOSH is the next best thing. So sign up now and start picking your savings now.

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